Security & Compliance

Stronger security leads to stronger organizations. Your business must have the ability to protect is the ability to protect against and respond to threats. Meanwhile, compliance is doing the things that others require us to do, including standards found in governmental regulations, laws, membership groups, and contractual requirements.

A comprehensive IT security strategy is a critical component of the success of any organization. Without a proper security strategy, organizations leave themselves open to unknown security risks. BeckITSystems’ multiple layers of IT Security includes a combination of the best hardware and software security products and artificial intelligence that fortifies data security, mobile protection security, and cloud backup with recovery.

Even with your powerful firewall and excellent antivirus software, malware, hackers, and data thieves still get in, somehow. Guiding Star provides additional layers of security that shut down those entry points and give you audit-critical reports and monitored protection policies. The cost is extremely affordable for great protection.

What does Guiding Star Security do?

  • Applies automated policies and monitoring to make your system more secure.
  • Allows policy exceptions to any computer with proper approval.
  • Provides highly effective "EMERGENCY ACTION" countermeasures for infected, lost, or stolen computers.
  • Creates a full Audit Report to verify compliance.
  • Creates a full record of every user logon, logoff, unlock, lock and failed logon event.

Guiding Star has you covered!