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Life is Too Short For Computer Frustrations!

We don’t just care about computers.
We care about you and your business!

  • Over 20 years of eliminating computer frustrations
  • Over 25,000 skilled and happy computer users
  • More than $50,000,000 of budget money saved!
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3 Ways To Eliminate Computer Frustrations

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Guiding Star

Ideal for smaller organizations with uncomplicated computer systems that want to grow

Feature-Img-GuidingStarProfessional Icon-GuidingStarProfessional-v2

Guiding Star Professional

Strategic and Operational Services for organizations with moderately complex computer systems

Feature-Img-GuidingStarElite Icon-GuidingStarElite-v2

Guiding Star Elite

Strategic and Operational computer services for larger organizations with complex computer systems

3 Simple Steps To Success

1 Feature-3SimpleStepsToSuccess-Evaluate


We complete a short & simple review with you to evaluate your computer situation.

2 Feature-3SimpleStepsToSuccess-Plan


We create a customized plan of action and roadmap for your computer systems.

3 Feature-3SimpleStepsToSuccess-Implement


We implement the plan with you.

The UN-Tech Podcast

The Un-Tech Podcast focuses on enabling people to use computers to reach their fullest potential. After all, aren’t computers for serving people? We call this, HUMAN I.T.

Why This Is Important!

Life is too short for computer frustrations!

We believe that people want to be able to use computers smartly and that business computers should make your organization easier to run. We also understand it is frustrating when the computers interfere with the rest of your duties. That is why, for over 20 years, we have helped people become smarter computer users by creating computer systems that help to meet their goals and enable them to enjoy the benefits of running their organizations well with business computers!


Stop spending more, getting less, and feeling frustrated by your computers. Instead, enjoy worry-free computing that actually contributes to achieving your mission and goals. Schedule an online meeting now to discuss your computer situation with us.


Want to end your frustrations and budget less for computer expenses?


Sounds bad and it is! Computer Complexity makes life harder. It drains the life out of your budget, computers and employees. It sabotages your organization’s success strategy, wasting your time and money and keeping you from achieving your mission and goals. Let’s join forces to eradicate this villain and help you spend less to get more from computers that actually help run your organization. YOU CAN DO IT!