Professional Services & Projects

In addition to BeckITSystems’ technology services, usually associated with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), BeckITSystems is a Business Service Provider (BSP). As the world moves to mobile devices, the cloud, and computing as a service, the need for technology competent business-focused partners is accelerating a trend toward Business Services Providers (BSP) who work with C-Level business executives to implement their business and supporting technology roadmap by delivering guidance, foresight, management, and protection without regard to the location or ownership of the technology that runs the organization.

Guiding Star provides professional services and projects, in addition to the standard computer services, to assist organizations and their leadership to meet their goals through an array of business and technology focused projects. Just a few of the project available to Guiding Star clients are listed below:

  • Annual Computer Strategy Planning
  • Build a computer budget for results
  • Build a computer strategy for the small & mid-sized enterprise
  • Develop & Deploy Security Policies
  • Unified Communications Design and Implementation
  • Modernize the Communications and Collaboration Framework
  • Develop & Document a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Software Selection for Business Applications and Opportunity
  • Own the Cloud: Strategy and Action Plan
  • Optimize Software Asset Management
  • Recurring Needs Assessment
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Security Awareness Briefings
  • Business Application Software Audit
  • Annual Security Review
  • Business Canvas Modeling
  • 7Cs Computer Competitiveness Canvas Workshop
  • SWOT Analysis and Business Canvas Workshop
  • Exploiting Disruptive Technology for Opportunity Workshop
  • Moving to Office 365 Without Pain
  • Team computer skill improvement
  • Office Remodeling and Relocation/Move Planning & Management