ComputeAbility (User Know-How)

No matter the position title a person fills in any organization, computers will be involved in performing their work responsibilities.

As a result, computer skills are essential in order to use computers and related technology effectively and efficiently. Guiding Star from BeckITSystems provides your organization the opportunity to build up individuals with these critical abilities. After a person develops the basic skills, Guiding Star continues with additional opportunities that help them increase their skills in many areas including Internet, email, computer hardware, computer software, and the Microsoft Office Suite of software applications.

The basic computer skills that will benefit each person in an organization include:

Windows or Apple OS X Operating System

  • Login with password
  • Login after timeout
  • Logout
  • Restart a computer
  • File structure standards
  • File naming standards

Computer Hardware

  • Keyboard functions
  • Mouse functions

Computer Software Concepts - Microsoft Office

  • Ribbon menu bar navigation
  • Microsoft “BackStage” utilities

Internet Skills

  • Use a search engine to locate information
  • Navigate a website
  • Understanding browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Using browser extensions and add-ins
  • Recognizing secure websites

Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)

  • Format presentation slides
  • Set the auto-save function
  • Apply a master slide to a presentation
  • Insert images and multi-media clips
  • Create handout notes
  • Print presentations
  • Create professional slide layout designs

Word Processing (Microsoft Word)

  • Format a document
  • Print a document
  • Save a document
  • Retrieve a saved document
  • Insert a basic text table in a document
  • Insert an image in a document
  • Format an image
  • Set the auto-save function

Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)

  • Create a spreadsheet
  • Save a spreadsheet
  • Retrieve a saved spreadsheet
  • Print a spreadsheet
  • Format a spreadsheet
  • Enter a basic formula in a spreadsheet (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction)
  • Insert header and footer in a spreadsheet
  • Set the auto-save function

Email (Microsoft Outlook)

  • Inbox management
  • Deleted items management
  • Compose, send, and forward emails
  • Address an email with CC: and BCC:
  • Create and apply the organization’s standard email signature
  • Calendar management
  • Task list management
  • Setting Automatic Reply (Out of Office)