Email PLUS & Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Guiding Star Cloud Services harness the power of the cloud for your organization. Organizations enjoy flexibility as their size changes up and down with BeckITSystems’ cloud computing. Transition your business applications, servers, telephone, faxing, conferencing, messaging, texting and records to the cloud for best results.

Most cloud users find that they reduce costs and boost availability and productivity by adopting the cloud to one degree or another. The most popular and easy cloud implementation is hosting your email in the cloud. With cloud hosted email, everyone sees an immediate improvement in email service, security, and reliability. On the path to full cloud adoption, Duding Star’s enterprise-level servers, and two world-class data centers, provide users around the USA with around-the-clock security and a dramatic reduction to cyber-attacks. In addition, regular, encrypted data backups ensure business continuity and peace of mind.

The Guiding Star team of experienced engineers will work with your business to design a custom cloud solution.

Email PLUS

Go beyond email with BeckITSystems’ Email PLUS. Email is an essential capability for any organization, and it should never stand alone. That is why Email PLUS offers solutions that bring added functionality to Exchange Email to meet the unique needs of your organization. No matter what compliance requirements your organization must meet, there is always a need to boost employee productivity with better tools. Email PLUS allows you to choose the combination of services that are best suited to your organization.