Faster Amazon Web Services virtual desktops

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the biggest names in virtualization and cloud computing. Its global network and intuitive platform have made it easier for customers to get more mileage out of their existing technology, and now AWS is offering even more powerful services. What are AWS virtual desktops? If you have employees who […]

Common cloud computing misunderstandings

Setting up an IT infrastructure for a small business can be an intimidating and costly venture. Fortunately, cloud computing has given companies affordable and flexible solutions to deal with rapidly advancing technological demands. However, for the small business owner, there are still many common misunderstandings about using cloud services. Here are a few ways some […]

Cloud Computing for Non-Profits and Business

Tired of continuous computer repairs and problems?  There is a better way! Organizatons no longer need to own, manage, and maintain networks and computers.  Today we can use computing like we use electricity – in a utility model where you pay for what you use!  Organizations can access their computer resouces anytime, from anywhere, on any device while saving 30% – 40% when compared to owning and managing their own network. This podcast presents the 6 Reasons Cloud Computing amy be a benefit to you and your organization. Additional information is available from BeckITSystems, Inc. by emailing