Backup and Security

BeckITSystems personalizes your disaster recovery plan to compliment your business needs and the network on which your data is stored.

We consider:

  • Application type and use
  • Amount of data
  • Processing power requirements
  • Industry regulations
  • Locations

Bullet-Proof Data provides a reliable backup of your data in two locations: on-site and at a remote data center. We give better protection for those who are under-protected and lower the overall cost of disaster recovery plans for companies over-protected.

Disaster Recovery takes preventative backup to the next level by replicating your systems to an off-site location. Should a flood, power surge or fire cripple your server infrastructure, BeckITSystems can arrange for a temporary server, and rapid image restoration, getting you back online within a matter of hours. Our approach is built on system virtualization, and recurring incremental backups.

We are able to configure:

  • Mean Time to Recovery
  • Back up amount, type and speed
  • Processing power
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating system

To explore data protection and disaster recovery for your organization, schedule a free 30 min meeting with one of our engineers. We will provide you the costs, capabilities and processes involved with the best Bullet-Proof Data plan for your needs.