BeckITSystems, Inc. is a business technology service provider based in Dulles, VA, just 30 miles west of the White House in Washington, DC. BeckITSystems works with businesses and non-profits in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. We provide a range of business services including standard IT support, data recovery, IT Security, cloud services, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) Telephony.
We design, install, operate and measure the effectiveness of strategic technology infrastructure for our clients. We apply our unique system of proven processes developed over our 15 years of doing business under the experienced hand of a Technology Executive (see below) who provides business and technology leadership for your success. The primary point of entry is the BeckITSystems’ Technology Support Desk which provides user support services to ensure your technology supports all of your business functions.
The key organizational problem we solve is providing strategic technology leadership, design and implementation for organizations through our Technology Executive (VCIO) program.

Every organization has the opportunity to purchase advanced technology. The question is whether or not the organization needs the technology and whether it can implement the advanced technology in a way that delivers the maximum competitive advantage.

Technology is complex to the degree that no single employee can have all the knowledge and skills an organization needs to design, operate, and manage their technology. BeckITSystems’ team provides the people and skills to fulfill the requirements of a technology department or to augment your current technology department’s staff, providing necessary skill sets to take advantage of the technology.

Companies that continue managing technology in their own way lose the competitive advantage that technology can provide. Companies with innovative technology are winners. If your organization needs innovative strategic technology to achieve your goals and dreams, you need people like us. You cannot do it yourself.

First, we have invested over 15 years developing management, administration, and configuration processes that work and are measurable using our own unique tools. No hoping, no guessing, just solid proven processes that provide consistent and measurable results. Most service companies will provide their best effort and apologize when things do not work out. Our processes are measured, monitored, and our cloud solution provides proven performance and security advantages.

Second, we have a unique corporate culture. Every one of our associates is a full-time staff member; we do not hire sub-contractors. Our team is experienced, business oriented, people focused, well educated, and, we have built a legacy of service that has delivered value to many organizations throughout our history.

Third, we are financially stable. We are able to take rational business risks that other providers cannot for the benefit of our clients.

Fourth, we are very different from the other providers in our customer engagement relationships. More details are below.

Finally, we invest in our business, our associates, and our technology. We have invested heavily in infrastructure, tools, and training. Competitors use off-the-shelf tools and techniques, do not have their own network and are barely scratching the surface of business technology. We are up to our necks in this stuff and are thoroughly immersed in business technology. We are invested in all facets of technology. But our investment involves more than just buying computers and servers. We train our associates continuously and intensely.

One of the areas where we uniquely excel in is our business and personal relationships with our clients. We engage our relationships in two ways: we are able to do unique things for our clients and, we are willing to do those unique things with excellence!

Our competitors require their clients to sign support contracts that are limited in scope. As a result, each time something comes up that is “out of scope” of the contract, you must pay more. Don’t you think the tires should be included in the car you are purchasing?

Another habit the other technology support companies have is requiring multi-year contracts. They cannot foresee in year one what you’re going to need in year three. The result is that when you sign the agreement, the support in year one is well aligned with your business needs. In year two however, additional fees come due for “out of scope services” you could not foresee, and by the time the third year rolls around, those additional fees are adding up significantly!

This is not a good position to be in – you are bound to a contract – the service provider does not need to be flexible, and they are not “user friendly” because they can bill you more by performing “out of scope services”.

This is NOT how BeckITSystems operates!

First, in our opinion, doing business in the manner we just described is not ethical and it certainly is not consistent with our values. Second, it is contrary to our competitive advantage. Our competitive advantage is embodied in the fact that we have the resources necessary to properly support larger clients, the systems to support smaller clients, and the flexibility to change and adjust what we supply to all our clients as the business needs and technology changes.

Our business model succeeds when our values and competitive advantage align. Our goal is to serve organizations that have built strong business plans and possess an exceptional drive to execute those plans. We seek organizations that are staffed by smart people with a business culture that positively impacts the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders.

Of course this does not describe every organization or business. If you think of technology as a cost and your support relationship as one between supplier and vendor, our relationship will not work as well. On the other hand, those owners, managers and executives who want to work together with a technology support partner to have enabling technology in which 1+1=3 are the types of clients that we serve well and are eager to serve!

What criteria are significant when buying technology support?

  • Do you deliver a program that meets our needs while aligning technology with our business model, or do you deliver one-size fits all “Silver, Gold and Platinum” programs?
  • Do you focus on the business outcomes or do we hear more “geek-speak” about technology stuff?
  • Do you provide a help desk staffed during business hours, or 24x7 if necessary, with engineers on-call to support emergencies?
  • Do you have a network operations center locally staffed and operated?
  • Do you have business offices in a local building that we can visit to know you are who you say you are?
  • Do you have live people who answer the phone when we call for support?
  • Do you assign an experienced and dedicated consultant to manage our needs and not a sales person with a quota?
  • Do you have a business model based on client service and a proven process with defined metrics for measurable results?
  • Do you provide services designed to reduce our risks and lower overall service issues instead of creating more work for our employees?
  • Do you have clearly defined roles within the service delivery model or will the same person do everything?
  • Do you have a strong financial position?
  • Do you have business insurance?
  • Do you have employee compensation programs that encourage employee retention?
  • Do you have a business continuity plan with backup support available out of our area? In other words, will you be there for us when we need you?
We have multiple-year contracts that include the services you will need and in which we take the risk, not you. On the surface, we might appear more expensive, but we do not follow a pennywise, pound-foolish approach. We take the needed time and expend the necessary resources to do things right the first time.

We create a shared interest in you and how your technology works. If we do not do something right the first time, we expend more resources to get things right. As a result, it is in everyone’s best interest to do things right the first time, every time!

This is why we work on a flat-fee basis. We will not undersell a client so that we can later charge you on a per-call or per-hour basis. You have service levels to make us accountable for our job, to make sure we deliver our structure and services properly the first time. Our retainers guarantee that your objectives are the same as ours. We set our rates based on previous experiences with other clients and by understanding your business model and the appropriate technology for your needs. You are able to opt out within the first three months. If you like what we do, stay with us. We will use that time to look at the set-up and determine whether or not the fees are right.