BeckITSystems, Inc. is an innovative business technology company serving non-profits and businesses on the metropolitan DC area: MD, VA, WV, DC. We are seeking self-starters to join this team and help us lead the charge to deliver technical excellence that enables people to reach their goals and dreams.

If you’ve got the passion for customer service, the horsepower to deliver in these critical positions, to hit our high standards, and to grow fast with our company, send your resume and cover letter by email –

Include a separate write-up describing the most significant achievements you’ve had in your current job. If this is your first job, tell us the key goals you would have in this position and how you would make them a reality. The compensation package is aggressive and in line with our focus on continuing to build our team of high performing “Eagles”.

Why You Will Want to Become an Eagle at BeckITSystems, Inc.

While larger organizations with over 100 employees may look more appealing to prospective employees, there are good reasons why many employees may find their goals are more easily achieved in a business the size of BeckITSystems, Inc.

While the perks of a larger organization may be appealing, there are significant things that employees want which are accomplished best in a smaller organization.

Here are the 8 of these that BeckITSystems’ Associates find appealing:

#1 The work culture at BeckITSystems, Inc. is more personalized.

A smaller staff allows all of us to work together closely on a daily basis. Our closeness enables us to not only work synergistically, but to also build teamwork and friendly relations that last a lifetime. This element is foundation to achieving the other items that follow.

#2 BeckITSystems’ size enables us to deliver a complete technology solution suite and life-cycle management to our clients.

When working in a larger organization, technology professionals are often assigned to a narrow function or responsibility with little or no opportunity to branch out and grow their skills. At BeckITSystems, all associates have the opportunity to develop a broad range of technology expertise through daily work, group collaboration, professional training, and professional certification.

#3 BeckITSystems provides technology professionals with an opportunity to work on more than one aspect of IT.

Building a wide range of knowledge, skills, experience and abilities is essential to career growth. Whether you aspire to be an administrator of a network, manage a staff of technology professionals, or even attain a position as a business and technology leader in a CIO or CTO role, it is essential to understand enough about each technology discipline as well as many business disciplines to give overall technology direction. Technology professionals today must be as skilled at speaking the language of technology in the data center as they are at speaking the language of business in the board room. Larger organizations, by necessity, are departmentalized. As a result, IT professionals only see a small part of each large project. When the technology professional does their job well in a large organization, it is management’s best practice to keep them in that role because management knows that they are skilled and dependable. Many large organizations have the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” This is one reason why that saying often proves to be true.

#4 BeckITSystems’ size enables prompt technology implementation.

Neither BeckITSystems nor our clients have all the processes and layers of approval that large organizations have for evaluating, purchasing, adopting, approving and launching new technologies. Technology professionals who like to be free to achieve results from their work find working at BeckITSystems to be very rewarding in this area. Most of our projects are measured in weeks, or, at most, a few months. Even a complex network upgrade or replacement can be implemented within 6 weeks or less!

#5 BeckITSystems provides the opportunity as well as the necessity for everyone to learn about business.

Technology professionals need to learn more about the businesses for which they develop, deploy, and manage technology. Larger organizations rarely provide technology professionals with that opportunity. In today’s world technology skills are not enough. Business knowledge and experience is critical to career growth and success. Organizations today need and want technology professionals who are also skilled in business so that they can translate technology into business solutions. Technology professionals today must be as skilled at speaking the language of technology in the data center as they are at speaking the language of business with owners, executives, bankers, and attorneys. BeckITSystems provides the opportunity for technology professionals to gain business expertise while developing the skills necessary to correlate technology benefits to the organization’s business plan.

#6 BeckITSystems offers each associate flexibility.

Larger organizations have lots of rules and guidelines in order to manage all their employees. While the larger organizations may offer telework or flexible work schedules, there are lots of limits and no room for flexibility when an unusual situation develops. BeckITSystems’ associates enjoy the environment of a close-knit group that works together as a whole to deliver business results while enjoying flexibility in an environment that has only the necessary rules and guidelines. BeckITSystems’ size enables us to have flexibility to adapt to planned and unplanned situations.

#7 Purpose and a sense of mission are built into BeckITSystems.

BeckITSystems’ associates are expected to have an understanding of BeckITSystems’ business model and business plan as well as of each client’s business model and business plan. Each associate must know and help to further develop the role that technology plays and what technology contributes to achieving the results the client’s organization seeks to achieve. In larger organizations, an understanding of the mission and business model is often lost in the focus on the contributing role of a department. BeckITSystems’ associates have a focused sense of urgency and purpose in their daily activities.

#8 Process vs. managers.

The role of leadership is to identify the things the organization needs to do. The role of management is to execute and to do those things well and on-time. BeckITSystems believes in developing, documenting, and executing tested processes that result in repeatable and reliable outcomes. In a sense, each associate is a manager of themself. Everyone is expected to contribute to the development of new processes while helping to refine and improve existing processes. With each associate as their own primary manager, and a close-knit team supporting each other, BeckITSystems’ associates have opportunities that are not available in larger organizations.

The User Support Specialist will provide primary computer support to office users as well as telephonic remote help-desk support. In fulfillment of these duties, you will use our extensive remote monitoring and management systems. The User Support Specialist will administer and support a standardized network of current hardware and software and must be able to solve problems while delivering an exceptional customer service experience with the organization to follow through on end users’ requests.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Proactively monitor, manage, and administer remote computers – IBM and Mac
  • Support the cloud team migrating and supporting cloud implementations
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve end user issues on IBM and Mac
  • Configure, install, support, troubleshoot and deploy computer equipment including
  • PCs, Thin Clients, PDAs, Printers, Cloud Desktops, using Microsoft XP Professional
  • and Windows 7 Professional desktop operating systems
  • Add and delete user accounts, change passwords, in Active Directory
  • Basic server administration and management in Windows 2003/2008 with Citrix
  • Assist users with Microsoft LYNC Unified Communications, troubleshooting, and
  • implementations
  • Administer VOIP adds, moves and changes on telephone systems
  • Setup audio and video conferences using commercial tools like GoToMeeting

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2 years of IT Support experience or equivalent including education
  • Strong customer communication and service skills
  • Organized, detail-oriented and a passion for excellence in customer service
  • delivery and follow-up
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Sense of urgency for resolving customer issues, effective time management
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Able to work well independently and as a team player
  • Advanced knowledge of Office 2007 and 2010 especially in MS Outlook, and Word, with very good skills in Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Professional.
We’re looking for high-octane winners to join our team of sales eagles. You’ll get the best training in the business and the support of a super team. The ideal candidate will be able to manage his or her own business-within- a-business, hit our high standards, and grow fast with our company. We understand that a compensation package needs to be very aggressive to continue to build our team of eagles. Email your application and we’ll be in touch soon to arrange a meeting of our minds. All replies are held in strict confidence.
The Office Assistant will provide administrative and staff support to the organization’s daily operations. Working under the direct supervision, this position provides all necessary organizational support, maintains frequent client contacts and is responsible for a variety of other tasks.

Our Eagles are people-focused, service, technology and businesses oriented, look and act as professionals, possess leadership abilities, are client-focused, and consistently build and maintain excellent rapport.

We’re looking for high-octane winners to join our team of sales eagles. You’ll get the best training in the business and the support of a super team. The ideal candidate will be able to manage his or her own business-within- a-business, hit our high standards, and grow fast with our company. We understand that a compensation package needs to be very aggressive to continue to build our team of eagles. Email your information and we’ll be in touch soon to arrange a meeting of our minds. All replies are held in strict confidence.

In this role, you will have training and support to meet and exceed your goals for assigned projects within the target timeframe for canvass completion and consistently meet and exceed sales goals.

Other duties include:

  • Meet and exceed daily and monthly telephone goals and customer contact goals.
  • Utilize sales materials in accordance with methods taught in training.
  • Handle assigned special projects including assigned inbound calls.
  • Handle relevant ad copy changes as needed.
  • Handle relevant customer service issues as needed and/or work with
  • Customer Service and Accounting staff to provide excellent customer
  • service for assigned projects.
  • Follow up and enhance daily organization protocols you will learn in
  • our training.
  • Participate in training classes assigned.
Position Summary:
This key position is a member of a professional and innovative, “can-do” team, and serves on the President’s Advisory Group. The position is responsible for finance and accounting functions, records management, and general office management. The incumbent is responsible for the generation of timely and accurate reporting for use by management, operations, payroll, tax filing, inventory, external audits, and other duties as assigned.

This position is responsible for coordinating the organization, direction, and administration of accounting functions. Develops, communicates, and enforces policies and procedures to complete required financial processes and prepare records necessary to safeguard assets and provide reliable financial information to management. The incumbent works independently to meet objectives and with minimal supervision. Then incumbent performs professional work requiring detailed, specialized knowledge in the fields of accounting, finance, and procurement.

Knowledge and Experience
The duties of this position require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, business administration or a related field, and five years of related professional experience in a financial/accounting function. The successful candidate will have skills in planning and organizing, integratinginformation, making decisions, and attaining results, excellent communication skills, and computer literacy. Certain functions may require specific education, certification or licensure, an advanced degree with equivalent experience, or expertise in a specialty area.

Performs and is responsible for all accounting, budget, tax and audit activities, cost controls, financial analysis, records management, procurement, service functions and all accounting practices of the organization. Analyzes and interprets financial data and recommends changes to improve systems and financial performance. Oversees financial and accounting system controls and standards and ensures timely financial and statistical reports for management and/or Board of Advisors and the CFO’s use.

Decision-making is governed by BeckITSystems’ policies and guided by objectives with company wide impact focused on daily operations and quality service delivery to all clients.

Description of Essential Job Functions:

  • Generate timely and accurate financial and management reports including, but not limited to
    • Management reports and projections of financial statements,
    • bank reports,
    • audit reviews and
    • budget packages.
  • Establish, validate and/or maintain all necessary systems, procedures, and protocols to efficiently and accurately account for the company’s business.
  • Ensure all business processes and procedures are well documented and updated regularly.
  • Be the primary interface between the company and financial institutions.
  • Manage product procurement processes for clients and BeckITSystems
  • Manage the company’s accounts payable function including but not limited to purchase orders, invoice coding, vendor payments, rents, leases, petty cash, and employee expense reports.
  • Manage the company’s payroll function, including pay calculations, disbursements, bonuses, benefits, withholdings and payroll taxes.
  • Manage the company’s accounts receivable function, including but not limited to, billings, collections, aging reports, credit reports, cash receipts application, and same day cash postings.
  • Manage the company’s bank reconciliation function.
  • Coordinate tax filings with the corporate CPA firm including the company’s federal, state, county and sales tax returns in full compliance with statutes.
  • Prepare all necessary ledgers for filing the company’s corporate tax return by a third party accounting firm.
  • Manage the company’s inventory reports and fixed asset list.
  • Coordinate the month-end and year-end closing processes in
  • compliance with company schedules.
  • Prepare, present and explain the company’s financial statements to management and to the President’s Advisory’s Board.
  • Implement improvements to these statements as needed by management or other authorized users.
  • Conform with and abide by all regulations, policies, work procedures, and instructions.
  • Create opening and closing balance sheets, including fixed and intangible assets, purchase price allocations, working capital adjustments.
  • Develop and apply expertise in the company’s automated service delivery and technical management tools to ensure timely responsiveness and quality of delivery with client satisfaction measurements and conformity with all internal SLAs.
  • Participate in a wide variety of special projects as specified by the company’s president.

Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university and two years or more of experience in Accounting or Finance field or equivalent experience at the sole discretion of the company President.

Imagine having the resources to work with tomorrow's technology today, using your skills to create solutions that will impact non-profits and businesses locally and nationally, and having the opportunity to make a real difference in the way technology is aligned with business practices. Stretch your skills in new directions and take your talents to new heights. Our team loves their work because they get to think big and dream big. The next generation of big thinkers is making a positive difference for non- profits and businesses with 1 – 200 employees. If you have talent and a passion for business and technology, this could be your big moment.

This intern position provides between 10 and 35 hours of employment per week. Full-time summer opportunities may exist. You must be dependable and have good communication and customer service skills. We will train you in the specialized technology and business skills you need.

Special opportunities are included to work with a team on projects and tasks, such as multi-user upgrades, cloud computing implementations, windows scripting, training curriculum, delivering targeted training, system administration, and coordinating the dispatch of local engineers to remote field offices when necessary.