Leverage technology as a strategic tool

gloStream_Nov04_ABecoming a pacesetting medical practice requires you to leverage technology as a tool to provide exceptional care – and gloStream’s gloCare, can help.

Unlike competitive offerings, the highly personalized nature of our glocare – a cloud-based service used by thousands of health-care practitioners who want quick and easy access to critical patient information – allows it to be tailored to each practitioner’s individual needs.

Improve your revenue cycle management with gloStream

gloStream_Aug29_AA new study shows that many health-care providers still don’t understand the value of ICD-10, which is understandable: Maintaining control over the entire revenue cycle and ensuring you are paid for the important work that you do is a significant challenge, and with ICD-10 regulations, it’s only going to get harder.

Is your practice management software up to the job?

gloStream_June04_APractice management software runs the business side of a health-care practice, which may include everything from scheduling appointments, through billing insurers and patients, all the way up to to generating reports for analysis.

Because the software is so inclusive, selecting the right system is essential—and it isn’t the physician’s job, as is often the case with an electronic medical record (EMR). The task belongs to the office or IT manager in a health-care practice.